Banished PC Torrent

I simply love the possibility that the game Banished offers you when you start playing it. Similar to the Simcity by Maxis but far better, Banished  will put you in control of a whole land that some citizens occupied following their exile. Everything about this game is so meticulously created and the amount of details blows your mind.

Banished PC Torrent


Banished PC  Torrent

In the following phrases I will try to convince you that the game is worth downloading it from pc games torrents websites. The indie, simulation and, most important, strategy game greets you with a tutorial that teaches you what you have to do. After you learn in big lines about the gameplay, you will soon find out that the difficulty doesn’t come from understanding what it’s actually happening in the game, but from the accelerate rhythms of the play. Your main goal is to keep the population healthy and the town stable. This will consist a real challenge as the equilibrium of the town is rarely reached. For example, the children are kinda useless- they only eat, fact that leads to a lack of supplies. But if you don’t perpetuate the land, the population ages and drops off. If the distance between the home and work is too long, the people become exhausted and inefficient at work, leading, again, to lack of food. As a strategy game, the food supplies must be wisely placed in order to be reached easily. Featuring all four seasons, the weather effects are absolutely stunning. Winter will be the hardest season to get through. The architectural style is pleasant to watch. As the game is based only on assuring the food for the population through fishing, hunting, farming, mining, there are no money to be used. This feature makes the game simple to understand but the individual mechanics more difficult. If you are determined to keep the things going on your land, you must be prepared to face starvation, fires, depression, ruthless weather conditions, an aging population among others.

Banished PC  Game Torrent.

Banished PC  Torrent Game

Game Revolution’s Paul Tamburro ended his review scoring the game with 90 out of 100 stating “Banished is not impressive solely because it was made by one man—it is impressive, period. The fact that this little gem stems from the brain of one lone developer only stands to make it all the more of an unequivocal triumph, and it thoroughly deserves your attention. If you’re a fan of God games and have found yourself disappointed by recent entries in the genre, such as the latest SimCity and the Early Access version of Peter Molyneux’s underwhelming Godus project, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this game.”

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I can only agree with his opinion and fully recommend you to give the game a try!

Banished PC Torrent